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Over the last twenty two years people from all walks of life have come with problems they could not solve and goals they could not reach. Traditional treatments and their best efforts could not solve those problems.


Why? Because the problems were controlled by their subconscious mind. And neither they, nor their clincian realized it. NOt because they were stupid or unconcerned, but because no one uderstood that there was such a thing as Accidental Hypnosis until Laura Temin discovered it. 


When you're stuck and no matter what you do, you can't get un-stuck, it's probably because Accidental Hypnosis is the problem.


Learn how to recognize it and how to Break Free!

Get your free copy of this digital book today! "Accidental Hypnosis - Exposing the Hidden Influences that Control Your MInd and Your Life" by Laura B. Temin, LMFT, LPC.

Physical Book "Accidental Hypnosis"

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