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Laura is more than a clinician. She is a clinician who faced her own traumas, limitations and past programming and went from VICTIM to VICTOR.

After decades of a sugar addiction, Laura figured out the formula to BREAK the sugar cycle and helps others to successfully override the physical and emotional struggles that hold you hostage and interfere in your life. ​

Laura takes an integrative and holistic approach. Her work spans over twenty years and she has seen first hand that success demands a comprehensive approach. The nine years she spent in the Emergency Department of the Wellstar Hospital System provided evidence of the interconnection between brain function, mind, physical health, emotions and finances.

Laura is endorsed by physicians, government, celebrities, entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals. She is acknowledged for her commitment to excellence in her work with clients and in the standard of training she provides in her State Authorized school of hypnosis, Professional Hypnosis Institute.

Among her many supporters are Dr. Daniel Amen, the Founder of Amen Clinics, Best Selling Author, Medical Expert and Pioneer in the field of Brain Health. The brilliant and talented Dr. Taz, of CentrespringMD., a highly acclaimed Integrative Health Physician in Atlanta who is often featured with Dr. Oz. And two of the most dedicated, kind and patient-centered physicians Dr. Patel and Dr. Dowdell, both outstanding Sleep Specialists and Pulmonary Physicians at Wellstar Hospital. All are treasured resources!

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Laura B. Temin, LMFT, LPC, DCC, CGA.
Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor

Board Certified Clinical/Medical/Motivational Hypnotherapist

Approved Hypnotherapy Certification Instructor

Founder of Professional Hypnosis Institute, the only State Authorized School of Clinical/Medical Hypnotherapy in Georgia where she Certifies others in Clinical Hypnotherapy

President, Georgia Hypnosis Society (GHS)

Approved Consultant, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) 
Gottman Level 3 Trained

Gottman Seven Principles Educator 

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Clinician (EMDR)
Alcohol and Drug Clinical Evaluator by Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) 

Alcohol Reduction Specialist

Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent

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Accidental Hypnosis written by Laura Temin, LMFT, LPC.

Foreword written by Dr. Daniel Amen

Get your copy of this book Recognize what hypnosis is, how it controls you and learn to STOP it in its tracks! 

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Are You Hypnotized and You Don't Know It? Is Accidental Hypnosis Ruining Your Life?

That may seem CRAZY - but when you're stressed out, overloaded, overwhelmed and have too much going on, YOU ARE SUGGESTIBLE. That means you can be influenced by other people, the news, foods, and even your own thoughts (and misinterpretations). And that's how many problems develop. BUT NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THAT, BECAUSE THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND IT.

Is Accidental Hypnosis is Ruining Your Life?

Win a Free Copy of Laura's New Book, Accidental Hypnosis, Exposing the Hidden Influences that Control Your Mind and Your Life and FIND OUT!

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Yes that is Dr. Amen! He wrote the foreword for the book.

Find out what he knows about hypnosis!

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