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 Are Patterns
Holding YOU BACK?

Patterns and Beliefs...Everyone's got them.

But you can't live a happy life and reach your goals if the past is interfering with the future. That's why it's important to figure out if your underlying beliefs are controlling you, and you want the tools to quickly remove them. 

Laura Temin's book, Accidental Hypnosis opens your eyes to everyday hypnosis and how our seemingly unresolvable problems are created. Her Belief Identification Form helps you begin the process of exposing those hidden beliefs which is the first step to dissolving them. Her Pattern Quiz is another way to help you discover the Beliefs that Run Your Life.

Watch the video for an overview before taking the quiz. Then click the link below and request the Quiz to find out if patterns are undermining your relationships!

You can find the book on Amazon and you can find the Belief Identification Form here

Take the Pattern Quiz!
This video tells you more about the Quiz.

The Pattern Quiz is from Laura Temin's book,
ACCIDENTAL HYPNOSIS  Exposing the Hidden Influences that Control

Your Mind and Your Life  Foreword written by Dr. Amen

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