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Proven Results!

Endorsed by Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Taz and happy clients everywhere 




(to create Relationship Bliss) 


I'm Laura Temin

I'm so excited that you are ready for YOUR NEW BEGINNING!


I will be with you ALL THE WAY, as you REDESIGN Your Future, in the MANY ways you always dreamed it could be.


I know it's hard to create massive change alone, but you're NOT alone anymore. We are doing this TOGETHER!

That's why I can confidently say... We've got this!

 Laura B. Temin

Below are the current program details

If you are interested and need more information, just send me an email or schedule a conversation with me.

Put the RELATIONSHIP FIX in place and create RELATIONSHIP BLISS!  

This is the ONLY Program of its kind, ANYWHERE

Our one-of-a-kind program will show you EXACTLY what you need to know and do to save your marriage! 

Most relationship programs stick everyone in the same box and insist the standard relationship communication tools will work.


But they RARELY work because basic communication skills are USELESS when people are in crisis.

LEARN the Relationship Bliss Formula in the 90 day Marriage FIX Program and discover how to turn Awful into Awesome!

You want a Spectacular Marriage but you don't know how to turn things around, and so far NOTHING has worked


When people are in CRISIS, they can't even have a normal conversation, because there is too much unfinished business poisoning their interactions. 

Get your relationship back on track with a program that knows how to help you solve the problem! 

Time is valuable. The more time you are at odds, the harder it is to restore your relationship and turn things around


Ask yourself:

  • Are you having trouble having a normal conversation without arguing?

  • Does it seem that you are in a rut of misunderstanding each other and feeling misunderstood?

  • Is intimacy suffering?

  • Is trust fading or gone?

  • Does the idea of divorce enter your mind?

  • Do you feel disrespected?

  • Do you shut down?

  • Are you hiding?

  • Do you avoid each other?

  • Are you noticing Everything that is WRONG about your partner?

  • Do you drink or eat or shop or gamble or use porn to tolerate your situation?

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Do you WISH you could make things better and have a SPECTACULAR MARRIAGE?


Everyone NEES to be heard, respected, appreciated and understood. Everyone deserves a satisfying and loving relationship. But it doesn't happen magically.

When your marriage is crumbling before your eyes you need REAL help and someone who KNOWS what needs to happen and what you need to learn in order to turn your marriage around. 


If the state of your relationship is stealing your power, your joy, your energy, your sleep, your time, your money, your self esteem and your health, then let us help you take your power back!

We HAVE helped TONS of people get back on track and rebuild their marriages. We know that it doesn't happen just by wishing it. You already tried that.


Our 6 WEEK MARRIAGE FIX PROGRAM gives you EVERYTHING you need, so you can turn your marriage around

1. The PRIVACY you want


3. The DIY TOOLS that you MUST have to succeed

4. The DIFY techniques and education 

5. A sense of Community

6. The ability to reach us by text or phone

7. A combined approach that strengthens your awareness, your Conscious, Logical Mind and your Subconscious, Inner Mind

8. Collaboration with you and your spouse and other providers who may be helpful, as needed


   This is a 6 Week LIVE-Web Group Program 

Program Length: 6 Week Group Program with YOU, Laura and the support of like- minded others who are committed to reaching their goals too!



LIVE WEB Group Program with YOU and Laura and Others

Get the support of other people who are also committed to reaching their goals

Convenient and accessible from home or anywhere

YOU and Laura and Others 


Laura B. Temin has a 22 year history of providing programs for Government, Business, Healthcare, Hospitals and the Private sector. Her programs and services are highly sought after because they work!

Are YOU ready for Success?

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