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Proven Results!

Endorsed by Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Taz and happy clients everywhere 





Laura B. Temin has a 22 year history of providing programs for  Government, Business, Healthcare, Hospitals and the Private sector.

Laura's programs and services are highly sought after because they work!

Laura knows that we cannot separate emotional stress, physical stress and financial stress. Just like she knows that REAL change DEMANDS not only an integrative approach but solidification between the conscious and subconscious (creative) mind.

When people spend years on the same problems, habits and goals with limited results  it's usually because one of those key components are missing. Don't let that happen to you!


How to Drink Less & RECLAIM YOUR LIFE 

The Confidential, Judgement-Free Drink-Less Blueprint to Return Your Power to You so you can  live Happily Ever After!


A Shameless, Blameless, Alcohol Freedom Coaching Program

Mary drank every night.

She drank almost a bottle a night all by herself. And that was never her intention.

She knew that alcohol was interfering with her life, her relationship and health. She hated that she rarely made it to bed because she and the bottle fell asleep on the sofa. In the mornings she was either hung over or groggy.


Mary was a good person. She was very smart and had high morals, She held a highly respected position, she took care of her children and ran the household. But Mary felt 'out of control' and did not like that. She was embarrassed by the extra weight from drinking and eating the foods that added pounds but she did not know how to fix it. Mary admitted that she felt hopeless and was afraid she was spiraling down.

Mary meant it when she promised herself to 'Only drink one or two" she couldn't do it.

Today Mary drinks two glasses of wine a week. She sleeps in her bed with her husband. He is happy and so is she. Mary feels optimistic about life now. She sleeps better, her relationship is stronger and of course she is losing weight. 

Isn't that what you want? A new lease on life?


Jack loved life. He felt like he was the luckiest man alive. He had a 7 figure business, a wonderful family and everything a man could want. Jack loved to cook, socialize and drink. And he felt like alcohol was the only thing that helped him relax after a hard day.

But it was taking its toll on him. Soon Jack was drinking every night. Jack made it clear that he did not want to STOP drinking. He just wanted to drink less, eat less, weigh less, feel better. Jack learned how to take being in charge of his life.


Tap into a Supportive, Uplifting, Cutting Edge Approach and Reclaim Your Life TODAY!

Schedule a FREE Consultation with Laura. Ask Questions. Get Answers. RISK FREE

ACTIVATE Your 'Weight-Loss Super Powers' 

This Weight Loss Coaching Program is for those who are not getting the results they want with standard diets. And especially those who can't stay on track and think it's their fault.
We help you tap into the conscious mind, the Subconscious mind and your brain to Reach and Maintain your Ideal Weight

We use support oriented, evidence-based, cutting edge tools and techniques 



LEARN THE KEYS to Conquer Cravings, emotional eating, social eating, eating from boredom, poor choices and overeating!

Lose Weight, Feel Energized, Gain Confidence!


et those keys are NEVER even mentioned, so people remain in the dark.


We want to teach you the missing KEYS so YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!

Learn the Real Reasons that cause cravings and binges and hopelessness.

If you tried and tried and tried again but diets failed you then it's time to tap into your super powers.  



Amy was a health practitioner. She understood everything about the body. She knew WHAT to do to lose weight and she was embarrassed that she couldn't apply what she knew in her own life.


It takes a lot of courage for a health care professional to seek help because society believes they "should' know better. But Laura understands that the subconscious mind runs the show and 'knowing what to do' is different from being able to do it. 

Once Amy learned what was truly underneath her struggle and how to align her conscious mind and her creative mind, it was no longer a struggle for her to stay on track.

Isn't that what you want too?
Tap into a Supportive, Uplifting, Cutting Edge Approach and Reclaim Your Life TODAY!

argument-238529_1280 (1).jpg

Stop the Madness. Learn the Relationship Bliss Formula. 

If you want to Stop the Madness but don't know how, this is one-of-a-kind program will save your marriage! 

This is the ONLY Program of its kind, ANYWHERE!


Most relationship programs stick everyone in the same box with the standard relationship communication tools.

But that RARELY works because basic communication skills are USELESS when people are in crisis. When people are in CRISIS, they can't even have a normal conversation, because there is too much unfinished business poisoning their interactions. 


John said that he and Jane were in a bad place. They had previously seen 2 other therapists but it did not help much. John said they wanted to make their marriage work but they did not know if they could since they could not even talk about things without arguing. He said communication was the issue.

BUT Laura quickly discovered that communication was the symptom of the bigger issue. There was a HUGE elephant in the room that was never addressed properly in the past and THAT was the REAL PROBLEM. That elephant created a lack of trust, lack of intimacy and lack of communication.

 After the FIRST meeting with Laura, John and Jane said what most couples say, We got MORE from the FIRST visit with Laura than in ALL of the visits with the others!


Are YOU Ready for RESULTS? 

Curly Scream


Only YOU and Laura

This is a 1-to-1, private, personalized 30 Day program with Laura Temin 

This is ONLY for those who have tried the standard, same-old talk therapy, and although they have one their best, they are not accomplishing their goals and they need GOAL ORIENTED solutions.


  • You want PERSONALIZED attention

  • You want the BEST options and the fastest track to your goals

  • You're READY to break through blocks and limitations

  • You want to Accelerate Results

  • You're looking for accessible support, days, evenings, weekends

1-to-1, Personalized, Private 30 Day Program​

Clapping Audience


You, Laura and Others

This is a group format where you get to interact directly with Laura and also benefit from the power and support of a group. Research finds that the power of the group strengthens motivation and commitment. People in this Live Web group are committed to overcoming obstacles and reaching their goals.

This option is a powerful way to MASTER key concepts and UNLEARN undermining programing which prevents you from reaching your goals

Get support, tools and techniques with Group Programs

  • Get clear about how your mind works and WHY you are stuck

  • Learn HOW to use you mind to HELP you instead of hurt you

  • Get the principles to reaching goals and breaking habits

  • Connect with like-minded people who have the same goals

Curly Scream

STATE AUTHORIZED School of Hypnosis

The ONLY State Authorized School of Hypnotherapy in Georgia

Live, Live Web AND On-Demand Training with Laura

Once a person experiences the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy they become passionate about helping others. Learn Clinical, Medical and Integrative Hypnotherapy from and EXPERT in the field. Become an Expert too!


Everyone wants to be the boss and now you can. Most people have no idea how satisfying it is to help people change habits, reach goals and dissolve trauma by using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

If you are looking for a rewarding career, or to help loved ones or to increase effectiveness in your life or current career,  Clinical, Medical and Motivational Hypnosis is the right path.

We are the ONLY State Authorized School of this kind in Georgia and we want to teach you how to become an EXPERT in the field!


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