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Updated: Jul 31, 2021

I’m always impressed by presenters who not only know their material, but have committed it to memory and are able to deliver it flawlessly and sound as if they were seamlessly sharing a story.

Unfortunately, I am not (yet) one of those people. And although I know my material, the information I share changes, based on the audience and the ongoing influx of new information. And because I have not memorized it word for word, what I say, and how I say it, changes to some degree with each presentation.

It always surprises me that even when I thought I had already heard every question a person could have and had all the bases covered, someone asks a question that no one ever asked before. And that question is followed by a series of questions from that person or other participants. So many of them are very important questions that I want to be able to include in my next presentation. And in that moment, I would tell myself “I need to remember these questions for the next time. And I need to make sure to incorporate that information into my next presentation.” But before I know it, that thought is swept away and long forgotten as I return my attention on the presentation and the audience. Thankfully my presentations are filmed, so I can rewind and review them and retrieve the valuable questions.

So many people want to lose weight, drink less, improve their relationships or change their lives and as an expert on how to use the conscious and subconscious mind, my work involves dissolving the conflict between the part of the mind that wants to reach that goal and the other part of them that doesn’t want to change. We’ve all experienced that dilemma of wanting to lose weight, but not wanting to give up the foods we like. And while the concepts regarding eating from stress, eating from emotion and not wanting to feel deprived are shared by everyone, the specifics for each person is different. And it’s those specifics that set me apart from other programs and those distinctions that they are specifically looking for answers on and I want to make sure I address all the concerns my audience has.

It takes a lot of time to review my video presentations. They run between one and three hours each. Life is so busy that I wish I could avoid watching them completely and just get the information that I need. For me, watching myself on video is not easy and despite my best intentions, watching distracts me from the goal of gathering the information I need because I get caught up on some crazy expression on my face or any number of visual and auditory details. I wish I could just get the information I want in a more direct way.

That’s why I was so thrilled to have come upon Sonix. Their service was a game changer for me. I can upload my video (or multiple videos) and they will transcribe my entire presentation along with the time stamp which allows me to scan the document and review the information very quickly and find exactly hat I was looking for without being distracted by visuals. And that allows me to copy and paste the questions and answers into a future presentation.

But what I am even more impressed with is that they don’t make me log into their site every time I want the information. They allow me to download it to my computer so I can keep it in my files while they continue to store it on their site so I can rest assured that I have a backup. For non techies like me, their platform is easy to use and that along with peace of mind makes me so grateful to have found them.

BTW, so many businesses have offers ONLY for new subscribers, but what about the loyal customer or the referral source? I really appreciate that this business offers the new customer and the existing customer the same benefit. Everyone wins when people work together. Here's the link!

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