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You're Overloaded! That's Why You're Feeling So Off!

a person with "To-Do" notes all over his face and around him
Person overwhelmed

Overload is everywhere! When we're stressed, when we don't feel well, when there are unexpected surprises, illness, or just too much going on, we humans become overloaded. We still function. We just feel the pressure. And after a certain amount of time, we become irritable, anxious, or teary. We may hide out, drink, overeat or avoid others. Or we just get stuck! If you're a client, you have often heard me say, "It's just overload." If you're not a client, you need to understand that being overloaded, creates the state of hypnosis!

People tend to view hypnosis as an altered state that's only accessed if you're the subject on the stage at a hypnosis stage show - or if you're in an office with a hypnotherapist.

Unlike therapeutic hypnosis, Accidental Hypnosis naturally occurs - all through the day- whenever the mind slips into an overloaded state. And that's often triggered when we're feeling pressured and stressed. But it also happens automatically when we are just waking up or drifting to sleep.

Accidental hypnosis is quite common. What makes this state so fascinating is that both positive and negative experiences can lead to this light trance state - and you won't even notice it. It can develop very quickly when you're relaxed or zoning out or when you're facing anxiety or trauma. Yet, regardless of cause, Accidental Hypnosis brings with it the same type of receptiveness to suggestion, that therapeutic hypnosis does - and that’s where both opportunities and issues arise.

Monitoring Stimuli, Essential During Accidental Hypnosis

“Problems occur when we don’t realize that we’re that in that easily influenced state, and we’re not monitoring what we let into in our minds, what we tell ourselves, and what we immerse ourselves in.” That's exactly what I shared with my recent Tedx audience.

person on computer and also on phone
When we are sleepy or overloaded, scrolling on the phone or computer can open the door to accidental hypnosis and unintentional negative influence.

Since Accidental Hypnosis routinely occurs not only early in the morning or right before bedtime, but also during stress, it often coincides with our self-talk as we review the days events.

It also coincides with exposure to stimuli via social media, television, emails, or the evening or morning news - and many of those stimuli tend to be negative.

Being aware of the mind’s vulnerability when a person is in this easily influenced state of accidental hypnosis is the first step towards preventing those negative stimuli from having a deeper influence on the individual.

Creating Positive Routines To Make The Most Of Accidental Hypnosis

happy people
Happy people who understand accidental hypnosis and use the state to create uplifting rituals

Creating positive, uplifting morning and evening rituals to leverage the state of hypnosis is great for self-improvement and building new habits - and it can be as simple as reading or listening to positive inspirational speakers. And learning about Accidental Hypnosis and specific self-hypnosis strategies help you take charge of your life.

The main idea is to avoid focusing on problems and upsets during the times when the mind is easiest to influence. Focusing on specific goals, creating goal-oriented suggestions, and then repeating those suggestions during that natural state of hypnosis is also important - and can help individuals make unexpected progress while reducing the risk of unnecessary exposure to negativity.

Opportunities For Individuals, Coaches & Therapists

people smiling and applauding
coaches and clinicians excited about Accidental Hypnosis Training

For individuals who've tried to break free of problems, but haven't been successful - despite best attempts, it's likely the problems were created by accidental hypnosis, and that's why the problem hasn't resovled. Coaches and clinicians need to understand the concept and help the client and get training to solve the problem.

For coaches, clinicians and individuals interested in escaping the trap of Accidental Hypnosis and protecting and mastering their mind, Laura currently offers solutions from free webinars, to workshops and Professional Training services, to help people Break-Free of Accidental Hypnosis and help coaches gain the skills they need to help their clients.

The free 15 minute consultation allows people to discuss their problem and gain insight. Her Break-Free System provides her proven 7 step process of recognizing accidental hypnosis and breaking the spell.

This system provides fast transformational solutions for coaches, counselors, addiction counselors, and those whose clients are stuck and not getting the results they desire because neither the client nor the practitioner were aware of the influence of Accidental Hypnosis. The Break-Free System gives coaches and clinicians the fastest, most effective tool to use to when the client is stuck, providing the results they so desperately need.

Therapists, coaches, clinicians and other practitioners interested in the step by step certification training so they can recognize and break the spell of Accidental Hypnosis for their clients may also contact Laura.

Picture of the best selling book- Accidental Hypnosis
Accidental Hypnosis, Exposing the Hidden Influences that Control your Mind and Your Life, Laura Temin

A licensed marriage and family therapist, professional counselor, TEDx speaker, and best-selling author, Laura Temin has more than two decades of experience helping clients achieve their goals by unlocking the potential of their minds. Her work is supported by a wide range of medical and mental health professionals, including brain health medical expert and pioneer Dr. Daniel Amen, leading integrative health physician Dr. Taz Bhatia and physicians from the Sleep Disorders Center at Wellstar Hospital System.

Following her 2022 book “Accidental Hypnosis: Exposing the Hidden Influences that Control Your Mind and Your Life”, Laura Temin continues to raise awareness of the importance of Accidental Hypnosis in every area of life.

Now featured in an April 2024 TEDx talk, her fresh perspective empowers individuals to be aware of the powerful combination of external suggestions and “Accidental Hypnosis” - and take practical steps to leverage it to improve their lives.

 Break Free of the Accidental Hypnosis Trap Today!

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