SUCCESSFUL Weight Loss Begins in the Mind

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Good Day 12/27/20  "Psychotherapist Laura Temin joins us again to talk about the emotions people might be experiencing and how to help."


Dr. Oz and Laura Temin briefly discuss the topic of Hypnosis and Accidental Hypnosis which is an automatic state that influences how we feel, especially during difficult times such as these. 

You don't have to be Dr. Oz to free yourself from anxiety and distress. Laura Temin will teach you what you need to know about hypnosis so that you can free yourself from distress and enjoy your life more.

Hear what real people are saying about Laura's webinars

   Elisa Chastaine, Author of Buried but Never Forgotten 
"Laura's webinar is spot on! Laura is genuine, amazing and talented"


Sandra Wynn, Financial Professional 

"...Scripture and Laura help me stay centered and strong..."


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Right now we have a very special offer for those of you who want to REMOVE THE STRUGGLE OF WEIGHT LOSS 

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This is a 5 week program that meets every Monday evening at 7PM for 75 minutes through ZOOM beginning July 26-August 23

Activate Your Weight-Loss SUPER Powers

If everyone KNOWS what to do to lose weight, WHY IS IT SO HARD TO DO IT?


Because KNOWING AND DOING are different!

This 5 week program is for those of us who eat from emotion, eat from stress, eat form boredom, eat socially and eat mindlessly. It's for those of us who can't seem to stay on track, or who reach a goal and then put the pounds back.


WHAT IF...the thing that is really causing you to fall short of your goal is NOT and never was what you thought?

It's not willpower.

It's not that you are weak minded.

It's not that you are intrinsically lazy


WHAT IF... what's really throwing you off is your mind because you are using it AGAINST YOURSELF?

No is the time to get this $1900 value for $497 and learn how to make your mind and brain work in your favor.


This training will give you the 5 KEYS to SUCCESSFUL Weight Loss and it all begins with YOUR MIND.  THE CONSCIOUS MIND. THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. AND THE BRAIN.


You will learn things that no one else is sharing and you will reinforce your goal through the hypnotherapy so that your mind can integrate the information in your every day life.

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NOTE: When you share this link with friends, family and colleagues you are doing yourself and them a favor because not only will everyone be more relaxed, due to the relaxation element in this program, but you will have a built in support group. Let's do this together! 

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Activate Your Weight Loss Super Powers  

Date: Monday 7/26/21

Time: 7PM Eastern 

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