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4 Fatal Facts to
Save Your Relationships

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As a marriage therapist, I'm 99% certain that these 4 Fatal Facts are not only responsible for Ruining Relationships, but I have also seen them destroy the quality of people's lives.

Over the last 23 years I've sat with people from all walks of life. Smart people. Good people. Caring people. But their lives, their confidence and their self-esteem crumbled because this information was unavailable to them. (I must admit that I personally wish I discovered this information earlier so I too, could have applied it in my own life sooner!)  

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SUCCESSFUL Weight Loss Begins in the Mind

Join Laura Temin and Activate Your Weight Loss Super Powers

See Laura Temin on Good Day

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Good Day 12/27/20  "Psychotherapist Laura Temin joins us again to talk about the emotions people might be experiencing and how to help."


Dr. Oz and Laura Temin briefly discuss the topic of Hypnosis and Accidental Hypnosis which is an automatic state that influences how we feel, especially during difficult times such as these. 

You don't have to be Dr. Oz to free yourself from anxiety and distress. Laura Temin will teach you what you need to know about hypnosis so that you can free yourself from distress and enjoy your life more.

Hear what real people are saying about Laura's webinars

   Elisa Chastaine, Author of Buried but Never Forgotten 
"Laura's webinar is spot on! Laura is genuine, amazing and talented" 

Sandra Wynn, Financial Professional 

"...Scripture and Laura help me stay centered and strong..."


I'm on a mission to help people in their 40's - 60's
But ONLY those people who desperately want to lose weight

but haven't been successful with the traditional diets
or weight loss programs 
DESPITE their best Intentions
(And they're afraid to try, because they don't want to fail again)


Do any of these describe you?

  • You can't stay motivated

  • It's hard to stay on track

  • You crave  Sugar, Bread, Pasta, Chips, Soft Drinks, Alcohol or something else

  • You WISH you could get yourself to exercise 

  • You know what to eat, but you don't or aren't consistent

  • You lose weight and put it back again

  • You have trouble stopping once you start eating certain foods/drinks


Here's what I know. There are 2 VERY DIFFERENT kinds of people

The first kind, you tell them what to do and they can do it 
The second kind tries, but keeps hitting road blocks

Traditional Weight Loss programs treat everyone like the first group.
They don't know how to help the second group.

That's why the FREE ME Weight Loss System was created

Activate Your Weight-Loss SUPER Powers
with the Free Me System


If everyone KNOWS what to do to lose weight,


Because KNOWING AND DOING are different!

Want to know how I finally freed myself from my own sugar addiction?
Want to know the antidote to compulsive and impulsive eating?
Want to know how to calm emotional and stressful eating? 

I'm living proof that what seemed impossible is possible 

This 6 week program is for those
who have NOT been able to make diets work
Those who want an uplifting, relaxing, non judgmental method to
FREE themselves of extra weight

I can guarantee that what's REALLY BLOCKING Your Weight Loss
IS NOT what you think it is 

This system gives you the KEYS to SUCCESSFUL Weight Loss

There are no magic pills. There are no meal plans you buy

And it all begins with YOUR MIND

We will send a link once we receive your email to schedule a quick conversation to make sure to answer your questions and make sure this is the perfect fit for you.

THIS IS A 6 MONTH LIVE WEB Program with Laura

NOTE: When you share this link with friends, family and colleagues you are doing yourself and them a favor because not only will everyone be more relaxed, due to the relaxation element in this program, but you will have a built in support group. Let's do this together! 

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